Lemus Maids is a small, local maid and house cleaning service run by Yaneth Lemus. Her name is pronounced like “Janeth.” Yaneth has developed a terrific reputation in Alexandria, Virginia. She and her dedicated staff have loyal clients in Beverly Hills, Del Ray and Rosemont.

Some client comments:

Subject: If you are in search of a good house cleaner

My cleaning provider is wonderful and is looking to add some more jobs to her calendar. She completely trustworthy and I have always been totally satisfied with the work she has done for me on the regular basis for the past 4 years.

Her fee is very reasonable compared to other people in the neighborhood.

Her name in Yaneth Lemus and you can call or email her directly if you'd like her to give you a free estimate.

(202) 577-4576 - yjlemus@yahoo.com

I'm happy to be a reference so feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Layton, Alexandria, Virginia

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I just wanted to pass on a reference for our dear house cleaner, Yaneth. Our family is relocating out of the state within the next few weeks, and I’m just devastated to leave her behind, so I wanted to do what I could to pass on her information for anyone interested. During the past few years in the neighborhood, she has been like family to me. Yaneth came referred and works with many other families in the area. She has never missed an appointment (even during the recent snow), is always on time, wonderful with our children and is accommodating when I need additional things done. Our house is spotless, our children love her and she is very comfortable around our sometimes annoying dog!

She did not ask me to do this, I just appreciate good help and thought I would do what I could to find her additional work since we are leaving. House Cleaning Service - Yaneth Lemus

Best, Melissa

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From: Nancy in Beverley Hills
ISO: Housecleaner recommendations

Yaneth (pronounced Janeth) Lemus has done excellent work for us and is very reliable. Contact her at yjlemus@yahoo.com or 202-577-4576.

Nancy, Cameron Mills

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Our house cleaner, Yaneth Lemus, has some hours for new clients. She and her co-worker are completely reliable, meticulous and honest. Feel free to email me with any questions.

To contact Yaneth: yjlemus@yahoo.com or 202-577-4576.

Nancy, Alexandria

Love Yaneth!! She has been cleaning for me for 13 years.